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RMutilate-a-Doll Wiki is an informative enclyopedia that is about a game called "Mutilate-a-Doll", which is a game developed by 0rava

<gallery type="slider" orientation="bottom"> MaD2.png|The Second Game|link=Mutilate-a-Doll 2|linktext= Learn about the ultimate Physcics Simulation game! The Lab.png|Ragdolls|link=Ragdoll|linktext= Meet your new best friends! And the mobile needs more stuff

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  • discussion page Talk:Weapons
    new comment by A FANDOM user 3 hours ago
    Comment: i love it killing ragdolls
  • categorization Mutilate a doll Wiki
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  • discussion page Talk:The Razor
    new comment by FreakingNarwhales
    Comment: I whacked the doll with this item 101 times, came up with these results: Times Critted: 21 Times Not Critted: 80 This leaves us with a...
    Added photo:
  • edit Ragdoll
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  • new page Ragdoll
    created by Terrr
    New page: Ragdoll is the main alive object in the game. Ragdolls can be altered in many ways and even other alive items can be attached to ragdolls. LimbsEdit...
  • edit Rules
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    Added category: Candidates for deletion
  • discussion page User talk:Terrr
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  • new page Rules
    created by Zombie jotuc
    New page: this is a compiled list of rules with actual sense. please feel free to add to these rules if it is within sense. Contents[show] Vandalism Edit...
    Summary: lets get some things straight. you do not delete any rules here. you do not add stupid rules. you vandalise this page, you face me. and believe me, you will not like it.
  • edit Category:Policy
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    Summary: Reverted edits by Shiba Inu Pupper (script)
  • categorization Life Sword
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    Added category: Elemental


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